Mark Chambers, was admitted to practice in 1981. For the over 40 years he has focused on representing people charged with Federal Crimes in Federal District Court in San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County. If you or a family member, are scheduled to appear in Federal Court, have been contacted by Federal Law Enforcement, or want to have your questions answered, please contact Attorney Mark Chambers.

Federal Drugs & Narcotics Crimes

Distribution, possession, importation, sale & intent to sell, cultivation, manufacturing, transportation of Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Prescription Drugs, Fraud and Forgery


White Collar Crimes, Credit Card Fraud, Mortgage or Foreclosure Fraud, Immigration Fraud, Internet Fraud, Mail Fraud, Passport Fraud, Securities Fraud, Wire Fraud

Violent Federal Crimes

Robbery/Attempted Robbery, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Criminal Threats, Battery, Assault, Battery of Police Officer, Resisting Arrest,

Federal Weapons Violations

Unlawful sale of Firearms, Unlawful Possession of Firearms, Discharging a Firearm, Brandishing a Firearm, Possession of Concealed Weapon

Federal sex crimes

Internet related sex offenses, Child Pornography, Rape, Sex with a Minor

RICO Offenses

Racketeering Crimes, RICO Violation, Criminal RICO crime